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Historic park

Ancient oaks, towering conifers, Lebanon oaks, Atlas cedars with silver leaves, linden trees and a large magnolia:

the Parco delle Terme is the green heart of Monticelli. This special place is open to anyone who wants to enjoy a walk along its paths and breathe in the fresh air.

The park encompasses twenty-five hectares of pure nature, cared for by expert gardeners, perfect for exploring on foot and letting your instincts guide you. Alternatively, you can follow the wellness pathway, marked by signs, to take part in outdoor fitness activities and respiratory gymnastics. This green island is the ideal setting for forest bathing, Nordic walking, yoga and rebirthing techniques.

On foot, you can reach the San Giulio oratory, built in 1950 in the neo-Gothic style, and even drink from the sulphurous water fountain.

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