Anti-Aging Light Path

From Thursday to Sunday (three nights)

For people who want to improve their quality of life and slow down aging processes. For those who are more exposed to premature aging such as people struggling with their weight, smokers, women using oestrogen/progestogen therapy, people living in polluted environments, subjects have severe work stress, athletes of competitive level, people with positive familiarity with dementia, hypertension, allergies, diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disorders.
The purposeof the anti-aging path:
  1. identify and tackle risk factors and know the true biological age;
  2. improve psycho-physical performance;
  3. regenerate organs and apparatus;
  4. teach methods to combat stress and improve the quality of sleep;
  5. regain the shape weight rebalancing the body composition;
  6. improve breathing and oxygenation of tissues;
  7. teach the principles of proper nutrition;
  8. revitalise the body with a personalised physical activity programme;
  9. provide information on the most useful supplements in an anti-aging and well-being perspective of the person;
  10. combat cognitive decline.
The following tests will be carried out during your stay:
  1. history and general clinical visit with nutritional evaluation and body composition (fat mass indices, lean mass, bone structure and hydration status);
  2. Stress assessment by measuring heart rate variability;
  3. assessment of the cardiovascular system by electrocardiogram, measurement of vascular stiffness, central venous pressure and vascular age;
  4. analysis of the oxidative stress profile with free radical dosage and antioxidant activity of the body;
  5. assessment by means of a battery of tests of cognitive age and evaluation of risk factors that may compromise brain capacities in the future;
  6. evaluation of blood chemistry (prescribed before and taken by the patient);
  7. respiratory function assessment to identify lung age;
  8. age measurement for cell age assessment;
  9. assessment of posture and walking.
During the stay in which an antioxidant menu will be proposed, the following therapies will be carried out on prescription:
  • 2 sessions of hyperbaric therapy or oxygen-ozone therapy (insuflations);
  • 1 detoxifying infusion therapy with mayer cocktail;
  • 2 sessions of localized cryotherapy;
  • 2 sessions of physical activity in the gym or pool with personal trainer;
  • 2 sessions of mud therapy;
  • 2 sessions with infrared-nir-fir anti-aging wellness photobiomodulation bed.

Value of medical services included in the program 1500 euro with stay 2000 3 days in suite in full board

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