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Body action

7 nights/8 days

Stay in a double room with full board.
  • Free access to the indoor thermal pools with sauna,
  • Turkish bath,
  • hydro massage and hydro bike.
  • 1 shiatsu massage*,
  • 1 50 mins aromasoul Indian massage **,
  • 1 50mins ritual scrub line***,
  • 3 salso-bromo-iodic hydro massages,
  • 3 hydro-circuits in a Kneipp pool (alternative for men: 3 salso-bromo-iodic mud baths),
  • 1 aromatic viso beauty touch****,
  • 1 hot stone massage *****,
  • 1 30mins vital foot******,
  • 6 sessions of water gymnastics with therapist.
* Ancient Japanese massage technique to relax the body and rebalance it energetically. Performed on tatami and original Japanese futon.

** Original ritual massage for an experience of deep sensory well-being that will transport you on a journey through the colourful lands from which it takes its name. Ideal technique to calm and relieve muscle spasms and pains by stimulating circulation and giving off a sense of warmth and energy essential for physical and emotional balance.

*** In a charming setting under a starry sky with a natural stream as background music, we carry out a deep scrub made of sea salt and natural aromas, gently rinsed with warm water that will flow along the body and give a wonderful feeling of lightness and well-being.

**** Savour the fifth essence of well-being and let yourself and your body be transported by the expert hands of our operators; their special massage techniques will bring your body into a deep state of relaxation.

***** Ancient massage technique with essential oils and warm basalt stones with great beneficial properties, for a unique experience with a strong sensorial impact. Indicated to combat accumulated stress, insomnia and water retention, it relieves muscle and joint pain. Loosen the tensions of the joints and in particular those of the vertebral column, rebalances the chakra points and relaxes the musculature.

****** Relaxing and revitalizing foot massage that combines therapeutic techniques through the stimulation of the numerous reflex points on the sole of the foot, combined with relaxing manoeuvres for the joints and massage to eliminate lymphatic stasis.

Free gift: Terme di Monticelli sarong.
I prezzi si intendono per persona.

Note: Thermal pools and indoor wellness centre.

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