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Diagnostic exams

The Terme di Monticelli are also a centre for diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors and staff are specialized in the treatment of the most frequent illness and diseases.
The thermal centre uses more specialist counselling clinics and a laboratory of clinical and microbiological analysis for the research and monitoring of various diseases, especially those that can be treated with the available means of treatment.


The audiometric examination enables the control of hearing loss, i.e. all forms of decreased hearing function. The tests to measure the hearing impairment are performed in a closed and soundproofed environment by an audiometric technician equipped with all appropriate instruments.
The otolaryngologist interprets the results and prescribes the correct treatment to overcome any problems encountered.

Impedance analysis

The impedometry is a simple test to complete the study of auditory function. It is often used in the paediatric age, with a more passive technique, when younger patients are prone to not always provide the necessary collaboration.


Electrocardiography can effectively detect simple abnormalities of cardiac function in a potent, simple and non-invasive manner, offering an effective diagnostic and control screening system to assess a patient's suitability to undergo some particular thermal treatments.

Respiratory function (spirometry + oxygen saturation)

It is a simple diagnostic procedure, which allows the identification, with the execution of respiratory tests, of the most suitable treatments, as well as the evolution of chronic bronchopulmonary diseases.


The exam, or Doppler ultrasound is a rapid and non-invasive test used to measure the functionality of the peripheral circulation. It is a useful diagnostic complement for the evaluation of vascular disorders, which can be treated in a thermal environment.

Blood chemical tests

The medical professionals can complete the diagnostic offering, as required.

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