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Specialised centres

The consultancies available at the specialized centres enable the diagnosis and treatment of the most common respiratory diseases and motor problems.
In our centres you'll find highly professional medical staff, assisted by the most sophisticated equipment.
The multi-specialized consultancies allow you to get the maximum benefits from the waters and services of the Terme di Monticelli. Without health, what would we have to look after?

Rehabilitation centre

The rehabilitation centre is attached to the Hotel delle Rose and contains:

6 medical studies

2 large thermal rehabilitation pools (hydrotherapy)

3 thermal swimming pools for serious disabilities

3 gyms

10 bathing rooms with hydro massage

16 boxes for physical therapies

1 deambulation system with hot and cold tanks, as well as relative changing rooms and administrative offices
For many years, among the main therapeutic activities of the Terme di Monticelli, the facilities for functional motor rehabilitation in thermal water stands above the rest.
The therapeutic nucleus, around which articulated protocols are developed, is represented by hydro kinesiotherapy in strong salso-bromo-iodic water, created with the use of 5 thermal pools of different shapes, to allow treatment of any district of the locomotor apparatus, with one-on-one or group activity.

Well-equipped gyms, ozonized walking pools with hydro massage, physical therapies, and equipped paths in the thermal park: what else do you need? Perfect for the best functional recovery after disabling traumatic events, surgical interventions or for treatment of chronic pathological diseases.
The most modern rehabilitation techniques are applied together with the beneficial effects of thermal waters.
The rehabilitation centre has an agreement with the National Health Service.

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Vasculopathy treatment centre

Indicated for all cases of peripheral circulatory failure, both arterial and lymphatic. The centre has equipment for the evaluation and complete diagnosis of circulatory efficiency and general clinical conditions, for an effective application of therapeutic treatments.
Treatments available in the centre:

Thermal bath with hydro massage

Alternating hot and cold ozonised walking bools with hydro massage

Thermal mud

Pressure therapy

Lymphatic drainage

Centre for the treatment of rhinogenous deafness

The middle ear is frequently affected by morbid conditions, due to impairments and changes in its function, which are difficult to spontaneously resolve.

The centre for the treatment of rhinogenous deafness intervenes with crenotherapy on catarrhs caused by acute and chronic rhinitis or rhino pharyngitis.

Moreover, it prevents weakening of the auditory function, in the presence of recurrent episodes of tubal inflammation, improves functional disturbances, and positively affects endothymane disorders caused by chronic and recurrent catarrhal events.

Treatments available in the centre:

Endotympanic insufflation

Centre for bronchopneumology and respiratory rehabilitation

The centre of bronchopneumology and respiratory rehabilitation is equipped for pulmonary and cardiologic diagnostics, electrocardiography and respiratory function tests, as well as for the relative therapeutic applications such as mechanical pulmonary ventilation, oxygen therapy, physio kinesiotherapy and postural drainage.

All clinical, instrumental and laboratory tests have the aim of suggesting the most specific treatments to be associated with thermal inhalation treatments in various bronchopulmonary diseases. This way it's possible to obtain the best results, both from a preventive and a rehabilitative point of view.

Treatments available in the centre:

Mechanical pulmonary ventilation

Oxygen therapy

Physio kinesiotherapy

Centre of Dietary Medicine

Complete check up

Personalized and computerized diet.

Centre of aesthetic medicine

The Aesthetic Medicine Centre offers beauty therapies and treatments performed using state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Directed by highly specialized personnel, the centre offers a wide range of treatments for the care and well-being of your body.

Lymphatic drainage

Pressure therapy

Laser therapy

Salso-bromo-iodic bath and hydro massage
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