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Thermal waters

Thanks to their healing and relaxing properties, the sulphurous and salso-bromo-iodic waters are the most precious resource of the Terme di Monticelli. Sulphurous water is classified among the medium-minerals: it contains sulphides, sulphates and hydrogen sulphide. In salso-bromo-iodic waters, the high percentage of bromine and the salt concentration, three times higher than that of sea water, give the water of the Terme di Monticelli unparalleled relaxing and anti-stress effects.

Sulfuric water
Chemical-physical characteristics
Sulphate ion 59.8mg/l
Hydrometric grade sulphur 10.1mg/l
Hydrogen ion concentration pH 6.92
Specific electrical conductivity at 20° 803 µS/cm
Fixed residue 447mg/l
Hardness 39.4°F
Chloride ion 19.2mg/l
Magnesium ion 12.2mg/l
Potassium ion 5.50mg/l
Sodium ion 12.9mg/l

Salso-bromo-iodic water
Chemical-physical characteristics
Iodide ion mg/l 40.8
Bromide ion mg/l 360
Sulphate ion mg/l 8.9
Sodium ion mg/l 26323
Calcium ion mg/l 5939
Chloride ion mg/l 70544
Magnesium ion mg/l 2315
Potassium ion mg/l 813
Hydrogen ion concentration pH 5.82
Specific electrical conductivity at 20° 128.3mS/cm

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