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The saying andare a Canossa was born here, after the forgiveness requested by the emperor Henry IV to Pope Gregory VII in 1077.

The meeting between the two was woven by the Countess Matilde: conciliation was held in the castle, of which, today remain only a handful of ruins, on a spur of erinaceous rock of the lower Appennino Reggiano. The local museum of the fortress preserves the relics found in the archaeological site of the manor; a scale reconstruction shows how the castle could have been during the time of Matilde.

If you want to prolong your journey in the Matildic Lands, we suggest you visit the Bianello Castle, situated on one of the four hills of Quattro Castella; the Castle of Rossena, just a few minutes from that of Canossa and one of the best preserved in the province of Reggio Emilia; and the Castello delle Carpinete, which guards a small village of the Reggio Apennines.

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